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Epsilon Knowledge provides strategic business process design, training & content management software technical implementation, content development and training services


Providing software development & consulting services, optimising change management, knowledge transfer and user adoption programs


Solutions that will equip your business with the performance-based tools and processes to streamline information capture, organisation, management and delivery of those assets across your organisation.

Who we've helped

What we do

We work with large organisations to get internal knowledge assets captured, organised, managed and delivered to end users. Whether you are running a critical system implementation project or have complex policies and procedures to manage, we can identify knowledge management inefficiencies and provide solutions to build your faster, smarter, more efficient workforce.

How we do it

Drawing on years of experience and customer successes, we are able to examine your knowledge management challenges and tailor a cost-effective real world solution. Depending on the situation, our solutions can range from implementing one key piece of technology, right up to large scale solutions comprising a suite of tools. Our focus, however, is the same – to improve the capture, organisation, management and delivery of key information within your business.

Knowledge Captured

Captured - The right content authoring tools will help you capture critical business information quickly and effectively. From rapid content development applications to fast capture tools, we can help you accelerate the collection of content for your knowledge assets.

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Knowledge Organised

Organised - Do you have a complex network or intranet with many information repositories, all with different and conflicting versions of the same information? Do your users know where and how to find the current version of the content they need? We build solutions with powerful navigation methods, information asset systems, and very clever search to organise and leverage massive amounts of corporate knowledge. You are assured of an accurate information supply through automatic version control and central storage of large, critical documents. Contact Us

Knowledge Delivered

Delivered - Getting the right information to the user in the right amount and at the right time is possible. The technologies we specialise in can quickly and effectively deliver information in a number of different formats so it is easily reached by the right people, wherever they are and whenever they need it. Whether training materials, application help or documentation in multiple media, we understand the systems and processes that can do it the best.

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