Desktop Messaging – get crucial information to your workforce fast, with responsive desktop alerts



Epsilon Alert provides organisations with a fast and effective way to deliver important business communications directly to the desktops of those it affects in a more efficient way than standard email.

Apart from avoiding the typical overloaded email inbox, Epsilon Alerts features communications that:

  • Are targeted to specific groups or audiences so they are relevant to the recipients
  • Provide for the level of urgency to be set to accurately reflect the messages importance
  • Are actionable
  • Can include links to any content
  • Are delivered and must be acknowledged and checked for compliance
  • Are secure – Epsilon Alerts cannot be deleted or forwarded

Epsilon Alert is an internal messaging and notification system that allows a central administrator to send out desktop alerts that can’t be ignored, set aside, or deleted.

It empowers administrators to create, target, manage and track responses to real-time alert messages to a workforce, from a single platform. And of course, since the Epsilon Alert platform uses an SQL database to manage the communications and acknowledgments, the system also provides detailed tracking and reporting, so that you can be sure everyone gets the message.

Epsilon Alert is built for flexibility and broad use across an organisation for a variety of communication purposes, including:

  • Operational updates – staff movements, HR initiatives, training reminders
  • Organisational compliance – statutory notifications, OH&S requirements
  • Network notifications – system outages, software upgrades
  • Emergency alerts – safety announcements and crisis management
  • Process changes – new policies and procedural updates
  • Sales and marketing information – performance data, product updates, promotions

If you need an efficient and traceable delivery mechanism for your business critical information, Epsilon Alert is a simple but effective solution that promotes staff engagement, achieves organisation-wide compliance and avoids email overload.

To find out more about how Epsilon Alert can help your organisation reduce email overload, streamline operational processes and deliver fully trackable real-time notifications, contact  Epsilon Knowledge.
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