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Today’s corporate software applications mean it is increasingly complicated for many users to complete system-based business processes accurately and in a timely fashion. Add to this, the problem of classroom-based learning retention means that your software users may struggle even though they’ve been trained. And that’s not to mention the massive cost to the organisation of face-to-face training.

Epsilon Context is a Performance Support software application that your organisation can use to link content – any type of content that exists anywhere within your organisation – to specific screens or pages within your corporate software applications without any change to or impact on those applications.

When a user within an application needs help, Epsilon Context will deliver the relevant, specific content that you have linked – eliminating the user’s need to spend time searching for it.

Epsilon’s Performance Support – any content delivered to any context within any application, at the user’s moment of need.

Epsilon Context provides a wide range of unique benefits:

  • Will deliver any content contextually for any software application (both browser-based and Windows-based applications).
  • Flexible and fast to implement with no change required to the target software applications for which contextual help will be delivered. Epsilon Context delivers existing content in its existing format, eliminating the need for rework to suit a new delivery process.
  • Contextual information that you know is relevant to the specific process.
  • Contextual information can be delivered at the level appropriate to your end user’s needs – including field-level within an application, screen-level within an application, application-wide and also across multiple applications.
  • Easy linking of content to target software application contexts enables non-technical staff to create the contextual help.
  • Allows information to be delivered in multiple formats, including visual, aural and text
  • Facilitates blended Productivity Solutions so that users receive information they need, when where and how they need it
  • Scalable to high volume users.
  • Provides support at the moment of need faster than any other help mechanism such as asking colleagues, calling a help desk or searching an overcrowded intranet.Delivers existing content contextually from any content source without requiring any changes to the content or where the content currently exists. This includes content existent within your CMS, KMS, LMS, LCMS, SharePoint, intranet, internet and network drives.

To find out more about how Epsilon Context can help your organisation provide process-specific information that is current, relevant, just-in-time and just enough to your system users, contact  Epsilon Knowledge.
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