Create hot spot links on your Author-it document images quickly and easily with Image Map Maker.


Epsilon’s Image Map Maker is a plug-in to the powerful Author-it enterprise content authoring platform that extends the linking capabilities of Author-it HTML publishing, allowing multiple hotspots on an image.

Available as an installable application for AIT clients who are using the platform as a behind-the-firewall installed application or as a plug-in for AIT clients who are using the Cloud instance of the platform, Epsilon’s Image Map Maker plug-in allows you to create an image map containing internal links and links to other URLs.

  • Easy to use interface – simple, clean design
  • Multiple links – create links to either an Author-it topic or URL from one image
  • Preview – amend an existing image map quickly and easily
  • Fast edit functions – make quick changes with the right-click menus
  • Search and view – find the Author-it topic and view the content
  • Simple to update – edit and update existing image maps quickly & easily

Author-it is a registered
 trademark of Author-it Software
To find out more about how Epsilon’s Image Map Maker can extend the capabilities of your Author-it platform, contact  Epsilon Knowledge.
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