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Capturing, distributing & effectively using an enterprise’s knowledge assets

Epsilon KMS

What is Knowledge Management?

Simply put – knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using an enterprise’s information assets – it’s knowledge.

The problem that many organisations face is generally not the quantity of information or content – it is the issue of not having a process and system for the creation, capture, storage and availability of that information to those who need it at the moment they need it.

In fact, a major problem can be that there is too much information, held in too many content locations (such as a corporate CMS, LMS, Intranet, SharePoint, network drives, in the Cloud and more), and all of it either difficult to find or overwhelming with the quantity of information an internal Google-type search results in (which of course means that the user then has to determine what information – if any – is relevant and current to address their need).

Epsilon’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is the platform for organisation’s to build a smarter, faster, more efficient workforce through performance-based knowledge management.

That means equipping the business with the tools and processes to streamline information capture, organise and manage those assets and improve their delivery across the organisation. This is the Knowledge Management Cycle.

Epsilon’s KMS enables your enterprise to improve the creation, capture, organisation, management and delivery of key information to your staff within the business – relevant, current and available at the moment of need.

Epsilon’s KMS manages the Knowledge Management Cycle & delivers:

  • Improved user performance
  • Competitive business advantage
  • Innovation, and;
  • Sharing of knowledge internally

And provides continuous improvement by:

  • Driving strategy
  • Solving problems faster
  • Capturing, maintaining and effectively using organisational knowledge, and;
  • Talent recruitment and retention

To find out more about how Epsilon’s Knowledge Management System can help your organisation capture, distribute and effectively use your information assets – your corporate knowledge – contact Epsilon Knowledge.
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